GPS Tracking – Why You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without One!

What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. High above us, there are a set of 24 satellites orbiting the earth constantly offering data to tell us the map region (range and longitude) of a vehicle or other vehicle. It additionally tells us how speedy the car is touring and in what course.

How is GPS Tracking Information Helpful?

O For parents, it takes a number of the concern from your children driving lengthy distances domestic from university. You realize where they may be and whilst to count on them home.

O For parents of teenagers, you in no way need to marvel in case your son or daughter is in which they say they are. No extra late night smartphone calls asking – “Where are you?”
o For child-boomers, the shoe is on the other foot – it facilitates to take a number of the worry out of your elderly parents driving domestic from vacation or simply using round city. You recognize in which they’re and this allows them to be greater unbiased.
O GPS monitoring is customer service at it’s best. You understand instantly which of your drivers is closest to the consumer needing help.
O Imagine how thrilled your customers will be when you could tell them precisely whilst to expect their delivery!
O For employers, the use of GPS tracking permits you to realize how fast your employees are driving, how long a wreck they’re taking (car hasn’t moved), and if they are in which they say they’re!
O GPS monitoring additionally permits you to screen gas usage primarily based on how rapid your worker is riding and the automatic mileage function reminds you to agenda, normal preventative preservation.
O GPS tracking is customer support at it is finest! You realize instantly which of your drivers is closest to the purchaser needing assist. And Imagine how thrilled your clients may be when you could tell them exactly when to expect their shipping!
O GPS Tracking can remove the need for having your truckers fill out driving logs.
O Many coverage companies now provide discounts for vehicles covered with tracking systems.

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